He insist on spelling his name “D’oro” instead of the traditional Doro, believing he will attract a force that turns everything he touches into gold. After taking up Architecture, D’oro Barandino tried  his hand on designing furniture, home accessories and fashion jewelry. He collaborated with various manufacturers of which his city- Cebu  is famous for, where he learned the ropes of manufacturing. It was here that he got exposed to a wide array of  exotic materials and had the opportunity to work closely with local skilled craftsmen.

Having traveled to Paris, Milan , New York and other major cities, early on D’oro Barandino contemplated of relocating outside of his locality to search for a place that might be conducive for design but then it dawned on him that he doesn’t really have to look for inspiration elsewhere for he was simply surrounded by it within his own turf. Quoting him, he once said, “one needs to have that level of realization of knowing that the abundance of nature’s resources are within your reach and can bring you endless  possibilities. All you have to do is simply appreciate, relate and see it’s purpose.

Relying on his innate creativity, clever ingenuity and utter determination, D’oro Barandino broke new grounds by pulling and molding his ideas into new designs.Following the dictum “form follows function”, he came up with new techniques and manipulated materials into simple shapes. Shapes that are understated, architectural, linear, modern , industrial , current and at times bespoke – all of which can be seen  on his initial collection for 2014-15.